BDF Programmes

  • Our programmes are fashioned to grow an entrepreneurial culture that impacts, intellectual capital and innovation. The programmes are focused on: entrepreneurial development, alignment of business ecosystems, development of strategic partnerships, building entrepreneurial cultures and provision of business support towards building an entrepreneurial economy. BDF-EC therefore lay emphasis on:
  • Supporting entrepreneurship by providing start-up funds for brilliant ideas.
  • Enhancing the ability to think beyond imagination by organizing training programmes for entrepreneurs.
  • Providing deep dialogue and mentoring by organizing seminars with successful entrepreneurs.
  • Recognizing and rewarding the most prominent entrepreneurs.
  • Networking entrepreneurs with business angels and business incubators.
  • Arousing the hunger to succeed in entrepreneurs by creating a forum for interaction.


The Foundation has a 3-month course that runs quarterly to train individuals with basic skills needed to start and run their businesses. These skills help to equip them to develop a customized growth plan that will take their businesses to the next level. These training programmes cover a good number of business and entrepreneurial courses.



The foundation strongly believes in the value of mentors. Our mentors are experienced and successful business owners from across Cameroon and internationally, who share a similar passion and vision as the organization. The mentors work effectively with their mentees during the 3-month course period during which they encourage the mentee to apply the knowledge gathered during their training program.



Networking Forums are organized to ease personal information exchange and to encourage the formation of strong ties with each other and invited entrepreneurs selected by the administration. This leads to the ignition of a strong entrepreneurial fire in the trainees, and enables interaction amongst them even after the training programme. These forums are organized two times for each batch and they are usually small cocktail parties where the trainees can interact in a relaxed environment.



 The BDF Entrepreneurship Centre, has an established financial partnership with Credit Africa Invest, under which, the latter provide startup capital and other forms of financing to entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs



President’s Excellence Award 

The most excellent trainees from each batch automatically qualify and are awarded funds by the  Bony Dashaco Foundation to support their businesses. This fund is aimed at encouraging innovation and hard work in the trainees.

Partner/Mentors Awards 

Partners of the BDF usually award excellence, punctuality, creative thinking and innovation. Support from partners in the form of debt or equity are allocated based on merit to support businesses. Impressed mentors may also encourage their mentees by awarding prizes through the foundation in the form of capital or credit to fund their businesses.

Credit Capital Alumni 

Former trainees of BDF Inc. have the opportunity to apply for start-up and survival loans. The foundation screens the applicants to check their eligibility and then links them up with Credit Africa Invest S.A. for loan provision.